Descendents of Thomas Herbert (1798 - 24 Feb 1862)
and Isabella Embleton (1804 - 16 Feb 1892)

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Northumberland Ancestors of Thomas Herbert and Isabella Embleton

Ancestors of Thomas Herbert and Isabella Embleton

Thomas Herbert (about 1798 - 24 Feb 1862) was the son of Robert Herbert and Isabella Wanless. No birth record can be found but we believe that his father Robert Herbert, who was born about 1768, was the son of Thomas Herbert and Christian Crozer.   Back in 1758 Thomas Herbert married Christian Crozer of Yetholm.   The Kirk Sessions records state that:

'Thomas Herbert of Kirknewton and Christian Crozer of Yetholm who gave up their names for proclamation in order to marriage 20th October 1758'.


Robert Herbert may have been born at 'Whitehall' on College Burn, a stream that flows north from The Cheviot.   'Whitehall' is in Kirknewton Parish and Thomas senior was also 'of Kirknewton'.   It is an easy walk across the hills, and across the border, to get to Yetholm in Scotland.


Robert's wife Isabella Wanless was born about 1766 in Morebattle, Roxburghshire.   Isabella's father was George Wanless who is believed to have been born ca. 1727/1728 at 'Woodside', a farm about 3 miles down the valley from Auchope, Roxburghshire.


George was christened on 31st March 1728 in Morebattle, Roxburghshire.   His parents were George Wanless (1687/1697 - ?) and Bessie Cairns (or Carnes) (ca. 24 Sep 1696 - ?). Bessie was christened 24th September 1696 in Cavers, Roxburghshire). She was the daughter o George Cairns (birth and death dates unknown).

Kirk Yetholm Church: This magnificent church is built of an unusual black granite. The church was built in the 19th century, replacing an old thatched church. Image courtesy of I. Herbert (June 2003). A full size image of this is available in the Northumberland Image galleriy. George Wanless (1687 / 1697 - ? & Bessie Cairns (Carnes) (ca. 24 Sep 1696 - ) probably went to church at Kirk Yetholm, Yetholm, Roxburgh, Scotland in the 1720s. Thomas Herbert, grandfather of Thomas Herbert (1796) also married Christian Crozer here in 1758.

A John Wanless lived nearby who was probably George Wanless senior's older brother.   They are possibly the sons of John Wanless who appears in in the Hearth Tax in that area in the 1690s.


George Wanless (b. 1727/1728 - 10 Nov 1807) married Isabella Douglas (10 May 1730 - 25 Dec 1796), the daughter of Archibald Douglas and Margaret Hair, on the 20th May 1758 in Kirk Yetholm, Roxburghshire.   Isabella was born in Kirk Yetholm and died in Auchope, Roxburghshire and was buried in Kirk Yetholm churchyard.   When George died he was also buried in the Kirk Yetholm churchyard.

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George Wanless (1727/28 - 10 Nov 1807) & his wife Isabella Douglas (10 May 1730 - 25 Dec 1796) lived at Auchope Farm, Roxburghshire, Scotland and most of their children were born here. (Sourc: T. Ray Wanless, British Coumbia).


Grave marker of George Wanless (1727/1728 - 10 Nov 1807) and his wife Isabella Douglas (10 May 1730 - 25 Dec 1796). Yetholm Kirkyard, Yetholm, Roxburghshire, Scotland. Inscription reads:
"In memory of the persons under mentioned viz. George Wanles tenant in Auchope died 10.11.1807 aged 80 years Isabel Douglas his wife died 25.12.1796 aged 72 years Margaret their daughter wife to John Henderson died at Hairlaw 28.9.1788 aged 30 years. A child of William Wanles their son Joan Wanles his daughter died 17.5.1809 aged 10 weeks also Mary Cowens his wife died at Bittlestone Hill 6.6.1815 aged 83 years." (Source: T. Ray Wanless, British Columbia,

George and Isabella had the following children:

1758   Archibald married Mary Rutherford, died 1815

1759   Margaret married John Henderson, died 1788

1763   George married Janet Douglas, died 1843

1766   Isabella married Robert Herbert, died 1831

1772   Williammarried 1st Margaret Gray, 2nd Mary Cowans and 3rd Isabella Cowans, died 1838



To obtain more details on the Wanless family you can look up their website at


Robert Herbert and Isabella Wanless had the following children:


1794     George died 1st May 1845 at 'Laingshill', Elsdon, Northumberland

~1798   Thomas died 24 Feb 1862, Harvey, York Co., N.B., Canada

1798     Archibald died 7th May 1850 in Great Tosson, Northumberland

1800     Robert died 28th April 1849 at 'The Craig', Elsdon, Northumberland

1802     Isabella died 10th August 1864 at Netherton, near Alwinton

1804     Margaret Jean died 18th April 1812 at Earle near Wooler

             buried at Hownam, Roxburghshire

1806     Jane married 26th May 1828 to John Young of Leeds in Alwinton

1808     Christian married 5th November 1830 to George Gibson

             died 6th February 1887 at 'Threestoneburn' near Ilderton

1811     Andrew born Earle, near Wooler, Northumberland

1812     William born 4th August in Earle, near Wooler, Northumberland

             died 25th February 1876 in Diamond Creek, Victoria

1814     John born Earle, near Wooler, Northumberland


A letter written in Canada in 1893 by John Wanless, nephew of Isabella and son of her brother, John gives a description of their family.

"My father seems to remember things that happened in his boy days better than he can things of later dates and he says Uncle Dick has the Wanless catechism about right. Archibald and William had one sister Isabella, she was married to one Herbert. Their son Thomas Herbert came to America Father thinks about the year 22 or 23 but he does not know what place only he thinks he come to where some of the former ones came to and my father's mother's name was Gray and the first wife of my grandfather William of Biddlestone. His 2nd and 3rd wives were Cowan cousins. The first family was Margaret, George, John "my father," Tibby (Isabella), and William. William was the 7 mo. baby and kept for two months in a fleece of wool on the pot lid. Marg. was married to William Isabella Buckham, Family 7 sons and 2 daughters, 3 sons and 1 girl are dead. My uncle William's family are all dead but one girl. He is living not long ago and quite hearty and fresh. My father's uncle Arch died from home. He went to some of the summer fairs took sick when away and died at a place called Sunsidetownfoot. Archibald's son William my Father's cousin died a few miles from Biddlestone and his cousin Richard who would be about his age if living yet went to school together when his uncle Archibald lived at Fliup?My Father's half brothers and sisters and their families are many of them dead. Archibald's family 3 girls and 1 boy. The girls are married since we left the old country and are now living."


It is probable that all the children, up to Christian (1808) and including Thomas (1796) were born at the property 'Whitehall'.   Robert was farming at Earle, near Wooler, when his three youngest sons were born.   Robert was listed in the 1827 land tax returns as a tenant at 'Rookland' near Biddlestone in the Parish of Alwinton.   At the time of the 1841 census Robert (1768) was a tenant farmer and still at 'Rookland'.


Biddlestone is the ancient seat of the Selby family and Robert was a tenant farmer for Walter Selby of Biddlestone House.   From the book 'Upper Coquetdale' by David Dippie Dixon first published 1903:


'The Selby's of Biddlestone in bygone times were buried in the Parish Church of Alwinton, members of the family during the last century being laid in the family vault beneath the chancel; but the late squire, Walter Charles Selby, who died in 1900, leaving an heir to the estates, was buried in a piece of ground, specially consecrated for the purpose, in a sweet sequestered spot, amid the sylvan surroundings of his ancestral park at Biddlestone'


Isabella Herbert's brother William Wanless (1772) lived nearby to her at Biddlestone where he was also a tenant farmer for the Selby family.   Isabella died at 'Rookland' on the 29th October 1831.   The following memorial inscription is on her grave in the churchyard at Hownam, Roxburghshire:


'Erected by Robert Herbert in memory of his wife Isabella Herbert who died at Rookland 29 Oct 1831 aged 65 years. Also Margaret their daughter who died 18 Apr 1812 aged 8 years'.


Robert and Isabella's son Archibald (1798) was the miller at Great Tosson in Upper Coquetdale about 15 miles to the south of Biddlestone.   He first married Ann Turnbull and secondly Margaret Davison.   Susan (1847 - 1931), a daughter of his second marriage, moved to the village of Harbottle and was the postmistress there for 50 years.


In 1846, at 78 years of age,   Robert died of 'natural decay' at 'Laingshill', near Elsdon, to the south of Alwinton.   At the time he was an Elder of the Presbyterian Church at Otterburn.   In the 1851 census his sons John (37, married) and Andrew (40, single) were farmers at 'Laingshill'.   John and Andrew later moved further south to Durham.   'Laingshill' is named after Edward Laing (1689 - 1761) who was a landholder in the Elsdon area and in documents was always noted as 'of ye hill'.   When he died his farm became known as 'Laingshill'.


Robert's place of burial is unknown.   He was an elder of the Presbyterian Church at Otterburn at the time of his death. His son George died the year before, also at 'Laingshill' and is buried at Alwinton.   Four years later son Archibald of Great Tosson was also buried at Alwinton.


Thomas Herbert (about 1798 - 1862) married Isabella Embleton on 11 th June 1824 at Ilderton.   The Bishops Transcripts record for 1824 states:


'Thomas Herbert , Biddlestone of the Parish of Allenton a batchelor and Isabella Embleton of the Haugh-Head of this Parish spinster by banns 11 th June.   Witnesses George Embleton, Elizabeth Reed and George Herbert'.


Thomas' father Robert Herbert was a tenant farmer at Earle near Wooler from about 1811.   Possibly Thomas met Isabella at the Presbyterian Church in Wooler as both families attended church there at the time.   In about 1822 the Herbert family moved to Rookland near Biddlestone and Alwinton.


In 1837 Thomas was a miller at Coldgate Mill which is situated on Harthope Burn just where it flows out of the Cheviot Hills to the south of Wooler and very near Haugh Head.   In June of that year Thomas and Isabella with five of their children emigrated from Berwick-upon-Tweed on the 'Cornelius'.   They settled at Harvey Settlement, New Brunswick, and that is where their last two children were born.

Isabella Embleton (1804 -1892) was the daughter of George Embelton and Margaret Davison.   George was a joiner at Haugh Head having moved there from Longframlington.   George and Margaret had ten children and Isabella was the second of them.    George Embleton died in 1833 and his wife Margaret in 1836.   Isabella's sisters Eleanor (23) and Elizabeth (18) and brother Robert (16) migrated to Canada with them.   Isabella's brother William was married with two young children and also migrated (see William Embleton and Jane Runchman file).


We don't have a photograph of Thomas Herbert but we do have one of Isabella as she lived a long life and was able to see the birth of her great great granddaughter.