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Descendents of George Davidson (also spelled Davison) (unknown - before 1837)
and Elizabeth UNKNOWN (ca 1763 - 17 Jan 1854)

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 First immigranT Generation                 


First Immigrant Generation

1. George Davidson


Born in Eng. Died Before 1837 in England.


Name is spelled "Davison" in some old records.


Birth date and death date unknown, but it is assumed he died before 1837 when his wife and two of his children moved to New Brunswick with the   pioneer settlers of Harvey.


The IGI has so many George Davidsons in Northumberland, England, in this time period, it is difficult to determine with accuracy his family connections, and his children.   Therefore, just the information we know for sure has been included.


It is believed there are close family connections with Margaret Davidson who married George Embleton (the parents of the Embletons who emigrated to Harvey Settlement).   Also   Thomas Davidson (1827-1903 who came to NB in 1847--Census 1901) who married Jane Carmichael, has a connection.    And from the book, John Christie and Descendants 1815-1994 compiled by Edgar Christie, page 38, there was an Isabella Davidson, daughter of John Davidson and Ann Harvey who married George Dalglish.   George Dalglish and his wife Isabel lived near the Davidson family in Harvey in the 1861 Census, and some of their children were born in Harvey.   (This Isabella and Thomas may have been from the same family?)   Rather than error in making the wrong family connections, it will be left to someone with closer ties to the Davidson family to sort out the family relationships.

This religious book inscribed in the inner fly with the repeated "Thomas Corry, his Booke, 1789 Thomas Corry, his book, 1789" was a family possession of George Davidson when he sailed on the Cornelius of Sunderland with his widowed mother and sister. The book was part of a display of early settler artifacts set up in July 1937 to celebrate the centennial of the founding of Harvey. The tag used to identify the artifact at the 1937 celebration is still attached. Source: book is now in posession of Jocelean Swan Hall, Harvey. Photographed by Tim Patterson 23 Jul 2006.

He married Elizabeth. Born Approx 1763 in England. Died 17 Jan 1854 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


From gravestone in Harvey Settlement Cemetery:   John Davidson, died April 16, 1856, aged 58 years; Elizabeth, wife of Geo Davidson, died Jan 17, 1854, aged 91 years; Isabella, Her daughter, died Jan 22, 1869, aged 75 years.


From church records, John Davidson died 15 Apr 1856 - 58 yr; Isabella Davison died 21 Jan 1869 - 77 yr., ang George Davidson died 24 Jun 1891, aged 91 years.   George is possibly buried in the same gravesite but name not on the stone.


Elizabeth and her unmarried children George  and Isabella came to NB in 1837 with the pioneer settlers of Harvey Settlement.


They had the following children:


i.   John Davidson;     Born Approx 1797 in   Northumberland, England. Died 15 Apr 1856 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


Unknown when John came to NB, possibly 1852, and since he is buried in the same gravesite in Harvey Settlement Cemetery, it is assumed that he belonged to this family.


ii.   Isabella Davidson; Born Approx 1798 in   Northumberland, England. Died 21 Jan 1869 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


Isabella Davidson, unmarried, came to NB in 1837 with her mother and brother George with the first settlers of Harvey.   Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


iii.   George Davidson; Born Approx 1800 in Northumberland, England. Died 24 Jun 1891 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer.


Age listed on Census reports:   1851, he was 50; 1861 he was 61;   1871, he was 71; 1891 he was 80; and 1891 he was 91 years old.


George received Land Grant lot No. 17 Harvey Settlement, Kingsclear, York Co., 98 acres, 1851/12/30,   36 4964   (The original deed is a treasured possession held by Jocelean Swan Hall, great granddaughter of Henry "Harry" Swan.)   The 1871 Census shows George Davidson sharing his home with Henry Swan, his wife Jane Piercy and two young children, James, 4 and Matthew, 2.   The 1881 Census, same, with addition of three more children.    And in the 1891 Census, George Davidson is 91 years old, a lodger still in the home of Henry Swan.

Copy of deed George Davidson had for Land Grant lot No. 17 Harvey Settlement, Kingsclear, York Co., 98 acres, 1851/12/30,   36 4964. Source David M. Swan, 15 Mar 2007.

From New Brunswick Reporter and Fredericton Advertiser, Fredericton, 1 Sep 1888:


The correspondent for the 'Courier' for Harvey writes:   John Thompson departed this life at noon on Saturday and was carried to his home on Monday.   Mr Thompson was one of the first settlers and had reached the 90th year of his age.   He was the only teacher or schoolmaster in the settlement for quite a length of time.   There is only one other person in the parish who can claim to have been born in the 17th (sic) century, George Davidson who was likewise one of the first Harvey Settlers.

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