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Descendents of John Kilpatrick (ca 1806 - 10 Jul 1871)
and NB born Ann Kearn (ca 1824 - 10 Jan 1873)

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 First immigranT Generation                 


AND NB BORN ANN KEARN (CA 1824 - 10 JAN 1873)

First Immigrant Generation

1. John Kilpatrick 

Born in Ireland. Died 10 Jul 1871 in Harvey. Occupation Farmer.



Land Petition (RS272 v. 23 #467), 14 Dec 1844, John Kilpatrick received Lot #12 N W Range in Harvey Settlement, 74 pounds seven shillings, originally granted to James Nesbitt.


The first school in Harvey Settlement was located on this land.


From the 1851 Census for the Harvey Settlement area, John Kilpatrick was 45 years old, Irish, Farmer/Prop., and came to this country in 1841; his wife Ann was 27, native; and children, Margaret, 6; William, 4; and Elizabeth 2 years old.


From the 1861 Census, three more children had been added:   Faithful, Ann, and John.


In 1861, the Kilpatricks owned or occupied 30 acres of improved land, and 70 acres unimproved land.   Cash value of farm 100 pounds, value of implements and machinery, 3 pounds.   They had 1 horse, 2 milch cows, 4 other neat cattle, 7 sheep, 2 swine.    Slaughtered 300 lb. pork, produced 130 lb. butter, 30 lb. wool, 10 ton hay, 100 bu. oats, 60 bu. buckwheat, 6 bu. peas, 10 lb. clover seed, 50 bu. turnips and 80 bu. potatoes.


In May 1860, the Kilpatricks sold 1/2 acre of land to Wm. Donovan, blacksmith.


In 1916, son John Kilpatrick, of New Gloucester, Maine,   sold the farm to J. Albert Johnston.


John Kilpatrick died 10 July 1871, (1871 Census - "dropsy".)


Copied from RS98F - Last Will of John Kilpatrick, late of Manners Sutton in the County of York.   Received 23rd Nov. 1876.   No. 28132:

In the name of God, Amen.

I, John Kilpatrick at present residing on my farm designated as Lot No. 12 on the west of Harvey Settlement of the Parish of Manners Sutton in the County of York and Province of New Brunswick, North America (Farmer).


Being of sound disposing mind and memory do hereby make, publish and declare this Instrument to be my last Will and Testament; to prevent any dispute after my death; and hereby declaring all former Wills, Testaments, or papers of whatever tenor, or date to be null and void.


1st.   I give and devise to my beloved wife Ann Kilpatrick until her decease all my personal and real estate lying and being in Parish, County and Province as aforesaid on which I now reside, together with any and all Estate Right or Interest which I may acquire after the date of this Will; and all debts whatsoever my be against it to be paid out of the bulk of my Estate.


2nd.   At the decease of my beloved wife Ann Kilpatrick, I will that my son William Kilpatrick falls heir to all my personal and real estate as aforesaid together with all and every appurtenances thereto belonging.


3rd.   I will that my son John as soon as he is of proper age be put to a trade such as he may choose and supported so far as need be out of the bulk of my Estate.


4th.   I will that my beloved daughters, viz:   Margaret, Elizabeth; Faithful and Ann have my Estate as a home so long as they may remain single and should they get married each to receive two sheep.


5th.   I will that my beloved wife Ann Kilpatrick be my Executrix of the foregoing Will and Testament and see it fulfilled in all its details.


6th.   Be it known that my beloved wife is perfectly acquainted with this Testament and fully satisfied with all its contents; and in proof thereof we do personally set out hands and seals this fifteenth day of June in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventh.


(John {X his mark} Kilpatrick,   Ann {X her mark} Kilpatrick)


In Testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal; and publish and declaire this to be my last Will and Testament, in the presence of the Witnesses named below, this fifteenth day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy.


John {X his mark} Kilpatrick


(Witnessed by George Grieve, John Hay)



No further information on the descendants of this family.



He married Ann Kearn, 15 Dec 1844 in St. Paul's Church, Fredericton by Rev. Dr. John M. Brooke. Died 10 Jan 1873.


From New   Brunswick Courier, Saint John, 21 dec 1844:   "Married 5th inst., by Rev. John M. Brooke, St. Paul's Church, Fredericton, John Kilpatrick, Fredericton (York Co.) and Miss Ann Kearn, Lincoln (Sunbury Co.)"


Witnesses to marriage were Robert Miller and John Turner.


They had the following children:

    i.   Margaret Kilpatrick; Born Approx 1846. Died 30 Apr 1878.

          Margaret resided in Brockville, Ontario in 1873.

          Margaret died 30 Apr 1878, in her 33rd year, of consumption.


    ii.   William Kilpatrick; Born Approx 1848.

    iii.   Elizabeth Kilpatrick; Born Approx 1850.

         Elizabeth resided in Pennsylvania in 1873.


    iv.   Faithful Kilpatrick; Born Approx 1852.

        In the 1881 Census, Faithful, age 26 and her brother John, age 19, both born in NB, Irish, Presbyterian, were living in Harvey Settlement.


    v.   Ann Kilpatrick; Born Approx 1854.

    vi.   John Kilpatrick; Born Approx 1860.


John was living in Harvey in 1881 and 1891 Census.   In 1891 he was 30 years old, and a farmer.


In 1916, while living in New Glucester, Maine, he sold the farm to J. Albert Johnston.

John Kilpatrick
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