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Descendents of Thomas Kay (15 Feb 1794 - 26 Aug 1857)
and Wife Isabell UNKNOWN (ca 1793 - ?)

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 First immigranT Generation                 


Descendents of Thomas Kay (15 Feb 1794 - 26 Aug 1857)
and Wife Isabell UNKNOWN (ca 1793 - ?)

First Immigrant Generation


Among those emigrants who "ask for land on the New St. Andrews Road" in 1837 was the family of Thomas Kay, 42 years old, Mason; his wife Isabell Kay, 43 years old; and daughters Jane, 7 years old and Mary Ann, 3 years old.   Thomas Kay is listed in the NB Crown Land Grants 1851/12/19 v. KL #4949 (PANB microfiche) "James Mowett & 18 others, 1857 acres, Kingsclear York", when he received "lot number 15 west, first tract, Harvey Settlement, containing one hundred acres more or less."


In the Statistical Return of the Harvey Settlement for the year 1847, it indicated that Thomas Kay, Mason, with a family of three, commenced settlement in 1840.   The Kay family is listed in the 1851 Census for Harvey Settlement: Thomas Kay, 56 years old, English, Farmer/Prop., 1837; wife Isabella, 55, English, 1837; and daughter Mary Ann, 17, English, 1837.


Thomas was the son of Thomas Kay Sr who was b. c.1759 and died 29 March 1823 aged 64.   His wife Isabella was born c.1757 and died 16 Nov. 1817 aged 60.   There is a gravestone in the churchyard of Wooler Anglican Church erected to their memory by Thomas Jr.   As Thomas Jr. was a mason by trade it is tempting to think that he may have made the gravestone.


The parents are likely the Thomas Kay and Isabella HOPE who married at Ford 24 June 1781. A son was baptized in Etal in 1786, after which they departed for parts unknown before settling for several years at Ewart in Doddington parish, and then at Kimmerstone in Ford before moving to Wooler around 1800.   Thomas Sr. is likely the Thomas Kay, widower, who remarried 31 Dec. 1819 in Wooler parish to Margaret Dobson, widow, both of Wooler.


Children :


1. John b. c.1784 d. 27 Aug. 1811 aged 27. The family gravestone at Wooler was actually erected by Thomas Jr to his brother John, and the parents were added later.   There is an LDS submission for John on the IGI that states he was born at Ford.


2. Thomas b. 6 and bap. 11 June 1786 at Etal Presbyterian Church, d.yg.

There may have been additional children between (2) and (3).


3. Thomas b. 15 Feb. at Ewart, Doddington parish, bap. 18 Feb. 1794 Wooler West Chapel, as were the subsequent members of the family. This is the Thomas Kay who came to Harvey, N.B.


4. Robert b. Ewart 12 bap. 18 Nov. 1795, d.yg.


5. Isabella b. Ewart 18 Nov., bap. 6 Dec. 1797, married c.1819 George WANLESS, a shoemaker of Chatton, Northumberland, when he enlisted in the First Battalion, Royal Artillery 1 January 1821 as a gunner and driver, aged 22. He served in Barbados and in various parts of the U.K. before departing with his regiment for Montreal in the early 1830s. Following his discharge in 1839 he practiced his trade of shoemaker in Williamstown, Beauharnois County, Quebec.   For this family see .


6. Robert b. Kimmerstone, Ford parish 28 Aug. bap. 9 Sept. 1799.


7. Andrew b. 16 Feb. at Hinging Hall, Wooler parish, bap. 24 Feb. 1801.



The registers of Wooler West Chapel also contain entries for the family of William KAY and Isabella MARSHALL (who were married 20 June 1804 at Chillingham).   William was likely related to Thomas Kay Sr.:


1. Isabella b. Chillingham 27 May bap. 3 June 1805 Wooler West Chapel Presbyterian . Md. 17 May 1837 in the U.K. (family Bible) to Henry CRAIGS and emigrated to Harvey Settlement in 1837. See Helen C. Craig, The Craigs of Harvey Settlement, Red Rock and the Pontiac , p. 385.


2. Thomas b. Chatton parish 19 Sept., bap. 24 Sept. 1807.


3. Ann Marshall b. Wooler 12 March, bap. 16 March 1811.


4. John b. Wooler 4 bap. 6 June 1814.



Thomas Kay Jr. had two daughters:

1. Jane b. c.1830. According to Thomas's will, daughter Jane married a "McDole" against his wishes and so was not to inherit.   (Land Registry, 1849-1873, J2, 39-7, PANB reel F5631).


2. Mary Ann b. 15 March, bap. 13 Apr. 1834 Cheviot Street United Presbyterian, Wooler. The family was living in Wooler Town at the time of her birth. She died 8 Sept. 1854, aged 20 years, and was buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


So far the baptism of Jane Kay has not been found.   It is tempting to hypothesize that this family may be the Thomas Kay of Wooler who married Isabella RICHARDSON of Chillingham on 18 Dec. 1832 at Chillingham, Northumberland.   In this case Jane would either be illegitimate, or the daughter of Isabella by a first marriage.


Thomas Kay died on 26 August 1857, aged 63 years, and is buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.   His wife Isabella was not in Harvey in the 1861 census, but sold Lot 15W in 1858 and Lot 16W in Oct 1864 (Land Registry).  


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