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Descendents of David Cowe (ca 1765 - unknown)
and Helen Sharp (1765 - unknown)

FIRST Immigrant Generation

1. David Cowe & Helen Sharp

Born Approx 1765. Christen in Hutton, Berwickshire.

The surname has various spellings: Cow, Cowe, Kow, Cour, Cowie, Cowan or Cowen. According to family legend--which has not always been very accurate--they were drovers from the Lammermuirs who came south. The Cowe surname is of regional Celtic/Scottish origin. In 1881 the Cowe  surname was endemic to the Eastern Borders region (National Trust Surname Database). Although appearing to be a nickname from the animal, this surname is actually an occupational name for a cook, deriving from the Old French "queu", "keu", "kiew" and "cu" (Surname Database) . It may also refer to one who sold cooked meat or kept an eating-house. The surname first appears in the late 12th Century in England and emerged in Scotland in the mid 14th Century.

No record of David Cowe's father and mother has been found, so this family genealogy begins with David.

No record of David Cowe and Helen Sharp's marriage has been found. But under Scottish Law a couple could be married "by repute"--legally

David was a barnsman at Fishwick Mains, when son James was baptized 17 Jan 1804. (Hutton baptismal records.)

(Information on the names, births and baptisms of the children from research by Fred Kennington and Bruce Elliott.)

He married Helen Sharp, daughter of John Sharp & Alison Bowmaker. Born 1765 in Berwickshire. Christen 5 Aug 1765 in Edrom.

Helen Sharp had the following siblings: Mary, baptized 25 Nov 1764, Edrom; James, baptized 2 Mar 1767, Edrom; Alison, baptized 26 Feb 1770, Edrom, died before 1792; David, baptized 10 Nov 1775, Ladykirk; Robert, baptized 26 Jul 1777, Ladykirk; Elizabeth, baptized 10 Sep 1790, Hutton; and Alison baptized 6 Feb 1792, Hutton. (Researched by Fred Kennington, Dec 2007.)

They had the following children:
2 i. Alison Cowe
3 ii. Robert Cowe
4 iii. John Cowe
5 iv. Christiana Margaret Cowe
6 v. William Cowe
7 vi. David Cowe
8 vii. James Cowe (Harvey Cornelius Party Settler)
9 viii. Helen Cowe
10 ix. Alexander Cowe