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Descendents of John Scott (ca 1771 - unknown)
and Susan Johnston (ca 1775 - unknown)

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 First immigranT Generation                 


 Second immigranT Generation            



Descendents of John Scott (ca 1771 - unknown)
and Susan Johnston (ca 1775 - unknown)

FIRST Immigrant Generation

1. John Scott

Born Approx 1771 in Wooler, Northumberland, Eng.


He married Susan Johnston, 17 Jun 1796 in Wooler, Northumberland, Eng. Born Approx 1775 in Of Thril, Northumberland, Eng.


They had the following children:

   2      i.               Jane Scott

   3      ii.               John Scott

1. John scott

Descendents of John Scott (ca 1771 - unknown)
and Susan Johnston (ca 1775 - unknown)

second Immigrant Generation

2. Jane Scott

Daughter of John Scott & Susan Johnston. Born 2 May 1797 in Northumberland, Eng. Christen 7 May 1797 in United Presbyterian Cheviot St., NC, Wooler. Died 17 Mar 1871 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


Jane Scott, age 41 years, and her brother John Scott, age 39 years, carpenter, left from the port Berwick-upon-Tweed on 28 May 1837 on the brig Cornelius of Sunderland, and arrived in Saint John, NB 12 Jul 1837.   They were among the first settlers of Harvey Settlement.


From Daily Telegraph, 22 Mar 1871:

Died Harvey 17th inst., Jane Hughan relict of late John Hughan, age 72.


From the 1871 Census, Jane Heughan, female, 72, Presbyterian, born in England, widowed, died February 1871, "General decay".


She married John Heughan, son of William Heughan & Agnes Beattie, 20 Sep 1845 in Harvey Settlement By Rev. Daniel McCurdy . Born Approx 1793 in Dumfries, Scot. Died 26 Oct 1857 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery. Occupation Farmer.


John Heughan came to Harvey Settlement in 1841 or 1842.   He petitioned for land and received a crown land grant (Lot O) along with 18 other settlers who got their grants in 1851 and was the only one who was not a member of the first group of settlers who came in 1837.   According to tradition in Harvey, his daughter Jane (from his first marriage) was black so her mother had to have been black as well.   The selection of middle names for his children (Francis and Angelie) almost certainly indicates an influence outside Scotland or England.   Census records indicate daughter Jane and her mother were born in Trinidad.


PANB, NBFA new film #F15551, p. 332

John Heughan and Jane Scott of the Parish of Kingsclear were married by banns, being of age this twentieth day of September one thousand eight hundred and forty five, by D. McCurdy, Minister.


This marriage was solonmized between us:   John Heughan, Jane Scott.

In the presence of James Little, Isabella Piercy.

Filed and Registered Dec 24, 1845.


On Gravestone in Harvey Settlement Cemetery:   (Facing Hwy) In memory of John Scott, died 12th Dec 1862 aged 59 years, a native of Northumberland, England; also John Heughan, died 26th Oct 1857 aged 64 years, native of Dumfriesshire, Scotland; (facing woods) Also, Jane, his wife.


From New Brunswick, York County, Land Registry   v. 38, p. 613-4, NBFA film F5631.   (Original very poor quality)


Last Will & Testament of John Heughan deceased -- No. 13986

In the name of God Amen, I, John Heughan at present residing on my farm designated in the Crown Land Office Lot O situated in the Little Settlement in the Parish of Manners Sutton adjoining the Harvey Settlement in the County of York Province of New Brunswick North America, Farmer, being of sound mind and understanding, do hereby make, publish and declare this instrument to be my last will and testament to prevent any dispute after my death hereby Declaring all former Wills or testmentory papers of whatever time or date to be null and void.    First as my son William Francis Heughan is on a voyage at sea and not expected to return till about three years from now I will that the farm after my death be carried on as it has been without any division until his return and any surplus produce raised on the farm be applied to Equadating any debt that may be upon the same and that William Francis Heughan can have no share of any part of my effects until permanently residing on the farm.   2nd that my wife Jane Heughan during her natural life is to occupy that certain portion of land Beginning at Matthew Chambers Road close to the brook running along the fence in a south direction 52 Rods to a fence running East and West, thence about 80 Rods West along said   fence to the West, thence about 80 Rods West along said fence to the West angle of Lot O, thence North 52 Rods to the lands owned by Matthew Chambers then East about 80 Rods along Matthew Chambers line to the place of beginning containing 26 acres more or less together with all buildings timber and fences thereon and at her death these land and premises turn to the bulk of my property estate.   I likewise bequeath to her one third of all my farm stock and farm implements that may be on the farm and all my household furniture beds bedding cooking utensils table linen to her own private use without any incumbrances on her part.    John Heughan (signed).   3d I do will and bequeath to my son William Francis Heughan the remaining two thirds of all the fa rm stock and farm implements together with the remaining part of my farm containing eighty four acres more or less with power to take possession of all the other part of my farm at the death of my wife Jane Heughan for his own use and behoof forever and that my son William Francis Heughan become surety and answerable for all the debts that may be due by me and to pay the same.   4th I will that if my son William Francis Heughan should not return at the time expected or can be ascertained that he is either dead or settled in other place his interest then in this will is to be transferred to my daughter Jane Angelie Lewis and her heirs forever.   6th I will should my son William Francis Heughan not return his interest (investment?) this will fall due to Jane Angelie Lewis.   In this case William Francis Heughan's daughter Sarah Heughan will be left an orphan and therefore entitled at the age of 21 years to 15 pounds currancy to be paid out of my real estate.   7th I will that Jane Angelie Lewis do remain with my wife and assist her in her affairs until William Francis Heughan either returns or is certified of his death or settlement elsewhere.    I will that Jane Heughan and Jane Angelie Lewis be excutri and that William Francis Heughan, David Little and Thomas Speedy executors of the forgoing will and testaments to see it fulfilled in all its details and that it be placed upon record not until six months after my death, dated July 14th, 1857.    John Heughan (signed).


Witness:   William Grieve, Charles F. Watson, Charles D. Reed.

Let it be down that my wife Jane Heughan is ............ with this instrument and is perfectly satisfied with its contents and in proof thereof do personally set our hands and seals in presence of

this thirtieth day         William Grieve                        John Heughan

of July 1857             Charles F. Watson                      Jane Heughan

                                    Charles D. Reed


I do hereby certify that the testor John Heughan is of sound mind and has executed this his last will and testament in   the presence of the following witnesses William Grieve, Charles F. Watson, Charles D. Reed and myself this thirtieth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty seven.   Registrar or Probate Office, County of York.   Thomas Herbert.


I hereby certify that the aforegoing is a true copy of the last will and testament of John Heughan late of the parish of Manners Sutton in the County of York deceased as proved before the Judge of Probates in the said County of York and filed in my office dated this twenty-eighth day of December AD 1857.                   T. A. H. Stratton receipt


Probate for York County

New Brunswick         Registered this twenty-eighth day of December

York County                one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven.

Descendents of John Scott (ca 1771 - unknown)
and Susan Johnston (ca 1775 - unknown)

second Immigrant Generation

3. John Scott 


Son of John Scott & Susan Johnston. Born 20 Dec 1798 in Northumberland, England. Christen 24 Dec 1798 in United Presbyterian Cheviot St. N.C., Wooler. Died 12 Dec 1862 in Harvey. Buried in Harvey Settlement Cemetery.


John Scott and his sister Jane Scott came to NB with the first settlers of Harvey in 1837.


John received Land Grant 2nd Tract W. Harvey Settlement, Kingsclear, York Co., 100 acres 1851/12/19   KL4949


In the 1851 Census, John (45 years old) was living in the household of John and Elizabeth (Chambers) Nesbitt, and was listed as farmer/prop.


In the 1861 Census he was living with his sister Jane Heughan (her husband John Heughan had died in 1857), and was listed as a farmer/carpenter.


John was not married.

John Scott
Jane Scott
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