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Three Generation Genealogies of Early Harvey Settlers (1837-late 1850's)

Harvey settlement was founded in 1837 by settlers predominantly from Wooler, Northumberland UK and surrounding communities in the eastern Borders region. These first settlers were followed by other families through the late 1850's, which can be categorized into three distinct groups; chain migrants from the same area of the eastern borders, a few families from Dumfriesshire in the western Borders, and several unrelated settler families from elsewhere in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The links below connect to three generation genealogies for most of these early settler families. This data is provided as a resource for descendants and historians. It was decided to limit the genealogies presented here to three post settlement generations, although in some cases information on earlier generations is provided, as 1) the number of entries would have been too large for a community scale project such as this, and 2) for privacy reasons as some 4th generation (and in some cases 3rd generation) individuals are still living. For those interested in more complete genealogies several complete family histories have been published on many of these families. Additional contributions (e.g. photographs, military attestation papers, family anecdotes, etc.) to these pages are welcome.


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Click on rollover links below for three generation genealogies of early Harvey settlers...

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