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Migration to Harvey Settlement From
Dumfriesshire in the Western Borders (beginning in 1840)

One of the major early assessions to Harvey settlement following the arrival of the orginal Cornelius settlers of 1837 were five Little brothers (1840). They were not part of any Northumberland chain migration though, having migrated to New Brunswick in 1832 from Dumfriesshire, Scotland in the western Borders region, and initially settled in New Maryland, although it seems that their grandfather had already emigrated to New Brunswick in 1819. They obtained title in 1842 to a 2,000 acre tract to the west of the community that became known as Little Settlement. They in turn influenced their relatives, the Heughan and Lister familes, to migrate from Dumfriesshire to join them. The Little son's parents, John Little and Janet Heughan, sold their property in New Maryland and joined them in 1851. Several other families (e.g., Moffitts, Swans, Rutherfords) of genuine chain migrants from Northumberland and the Borders began to arrive in Harvey Settlement starting in 1842. A few other immigrant families also arrived in the community in the 1840's and 1850's independant of each other and previous waves of migrants.

The following families moved to the Harvey Settlement beginning in 1840:


Year Moved to

Harvey Settlement

1840 (obtained title 1842)

1840 (obtained title 1842)

1840 (obtained title 1842)

1840 (obtained title 1842)

1840 (obtained title 1842)




ca 1846


Jane in 1854; rest of family between 1856 & 1858

Between 1851 & 1861


The Little Settlement cairn was erected in 1942 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Little Settlement on the western margin of Harvey Settlement. The Little family and the chain migrants who followed them originated in Dumfrieshire in the western Borders region of the United Kingdom. Source: Tim Patterson (2005 Images)

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